Stim Rich

Stim Rich is one of the nutrients to remove the stresses of plant roots part and other parts. This profitable for all Plant development stages, because it enhanced the physiology of the plant and it has tonic and development promoter impact. Stim Rich is usable after mixed it with water (1 milliliter Stim Rich Per 1 Litter Water). The Solution of Water and Stim Rich are spreaded on the all plants for preventing from Diseases at the time of all essential stages Like Germination, Flowering, Fruiting, Maturity and Harvesting.

Needs of Stim Rich :

  • For Reducing Fruits Dropping and Flower Dropping
  • It is essential for Synergetic Effects.
  • Removing the Stresses of all Crops Due to Heat or Water.
  • During all Crops and Plants Growth stage.
  • Preventing from Diseases at the time of all essential Stages Like Germination, Fruiting, Flowering, Maturity and Harvesting.

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